Just hilarie just about to begin

Just jump in, don’t wait, stop procrastinating. So now I start. I admit to being a bit intimidated. I just spent a whole evening working to redo how the header on this blog looks. I started out by picking out a “theme” I kinda liked and then my son set up the blog site on our own website. But the theme was just a begining for me. I had to put my own stamp on it before I could start to write. It wasnt really procrastination. I had to make it my own. Making images is where I feel most comfortable. Putting words to paper or in this case, to screen, is something “Writers” do. Im an artist, not a writer. Something I decided long ago – when I got my first journal and started to write down my thoughts in it. I was about 15 then. I didnt realize back then that being an artist didnt have to exclude being a writer. One person can be creative in many ways. Now I feel like Im commiting myself to start a new way. Here goes.

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  • Bevin Says:

    Hello, looking good! Just wanna remind you that you should spread the existence of your blog. Word of mouth is quite powerful.

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